Courtesy Boat Inspection

Our Courtesy Boat Inspector program covers all ten public boat launches in the Cobbossee Watershed

On weekends & holidays throughout the summer, our trained Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) check boats, trailers, and related equipment for any invasive aquatic organisms.

Although the Cobbossee Watershed contains just 10 of the 156 staffed public boat launches in the state, our inspectors are routinely responsible for over 10% of the state’s total yearly inspections. Our Courtesy Boat Inspectors are on duty at least 10 hours per day, every weekend and holiday from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. We cover all ten public boat launches in the Cobbossee Watershed.

Clean, Drain, Dry:

Clean: Any debris and mud from all boating equipment, fishing, and hunting gear, and dispose in trash.

Drain: Live wells, bilge water, and any other standing water away from water body.

Dry: Any gear that comes into contact with water, in the sun for five days, or as long as possible.

In these short videos, John McPhedran of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection demonstrates how to do a thorough boat inspection in less than 4 minutes. The Maine DEP website also contains a useful Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook.

What do you do if a CBI is not available when you’re launching or removing your watercraft? Clean. Drain. Dry!

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