Invasive Plant Survey Team

Our Invasive Plant Survey Team is comprised of specially trained staff members and volunteers who locate, identify, and document invasive plant infestations in our waters.

The data they collect is then used to create a comprehensive map that displays the locations and levels of milfoil infestations, so that we can determine the best harvesting locations for maximum impact.

To apply to join our Invasive Plant Survey Team, click here.


How Can Shorefront Property Owners Help?

If you own shorefront property and see a suspicious plant, there are three steps you ought to take:

Spot it: If you see an aquatic plant that you think may be an invasive species, take note of its location so that we may find it again.

Snap it: Take a photo of the suspicious plant. Do not remove it yourself, which may cause fragments to float away, allowing it to spread further.

Send it: Send us your photo so that our trained staff can identify the plant and determine if it needs removal.


For more resources on identifying invasive aquatic species, click here.