COVID-19 Announcement


“Keep Calm and Carry On,” the WWII-era British motivational slogan, has been one of my favorite mantras since I first heard it about 10 years ago. Recently, the phrase re-emerged in popular culture—and it seemed to be everywhere, diminishing its uniqueness. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, I can’t think of a more apt mantra… although we might want to add a qualifier: keep calm and carry on, at a distance!  

To do our part—and to adhere to both Maine and federal guidelines—the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed has closed its offices until further notice. Cami Wilbert, the Friends’ Education & Outreach Director, will work closely with partnering schools to resume the Watershed Science Program as soon as local schools reopen. 

And while we do not yet understand the lasting impacts of the pandemic on our communities (and our economy), we are moving forward in planning for a “normal” summer, full of conservation and education—while simultaneously drafting contingency plans in preparation for a worst-case scenario. 

Most importantly, we want you to know that we are still here. Your friends at FOCW are continuing to work diligently in our mission to protect our waters through education and conservation. And we would love to hear from you! We encourage you to offer your concerns, questions, and observations as we navigate these uncertain times. Our contact information is provided below, and you can stay up to date via our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. In the weeks ahead, we will be featuring additional ways for you to interact with us! 

Wishing you well today, in the days to come, and until we can meet out on the lake once again!


We’re sure that every student, parent, and teacher is counting down the hours and minutes until school is officially over and summer can begin.

We know how important it is to each family to have somewhere safe and nurturing for their children to make special camp memories. Normally, at this time of the year, we would actively be printing camp flyers, distributing them to schools, creating camp schedules, and looking forward to our weeklong exploration of the outdoors.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Friends have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Summer Nature Day Camps. After careful monitoring of public health authorities and medical experts, we have concluded that the safety of our young campers and our staff dictates that we forego operations this summer.

While we may not be together in person this summer—searching the pond for those huge frogs, combing the creek for crayfish, diving into the cold, clear waters of Cobbossee each day—our hope is that you will continue to safely explore the outdoors as much as possible.

Even though nothing can replace the in-person experience of summer camp with our friends, we are actively investigating and brainstorming ways of bringing bits of summer camp home to you.

Although the present moments are challenging, each of us is eagerly looking forward to being together once again—listening to (and singing) silly songs, trying our hand at the challenge course, exploring all over the campgrounds, and going home each day hot, dirty and tired! Is there any better way to feel after a great day at camp?

Please continue to check out the Friends’ Facebook page and website for summer educational opportunities.


Hopefully, everyone is taking the opportunity to safely enjoy the outdoors during these beautiful summer days (and nights).

As this summer unfolds, we know how important it is for families to find activities that engage and entertain their children, while still maintaining proper social distancing protocols. Normally, around this time, we would be distributing numerous registration forms to schools, libraries, and community centers to advertise our five different versions of Tadpole Patrol—and preparing for our first sessions in July.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Friends have made the decision to amend our Tadpole Patrol programs this summer. After careful monitoring from public health authorities and medical experts, we will only be running the Family Tadpole Patrol program this year. We ask that each Family Tadpole Patrol group includes only members of same family unit, in order to minimize unnecessary exposure to the virus.

Although our time aboard the Otter II will be restricted to families this year, we are looking forward to seeing “kids of all ages” observing wildlife above and below the water, sharing facts about the lake, and using professional equipment to monitor the waters of Cobbossee, Maranacook, and the Tacomas. What a great “staycation” adventure for the family, exploring the lakes of the Cobbossee Watershed!

Please continue to check out the Friends Facebook page and website for further information concerning dates and registration.


Cami Wilbert
Education & Outreach Director

Plant Control, Plant Survey, Fundraising, And Membership:
Toni Pied
Director of Development & Membership

General Matters:
Tamara Whitmore
Executive Director