Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed

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Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed

Important Legislation to Protect Our Lakes – Act Now!

LD 235 is a bill that will increase the price of the "milfoil sticker" associated with boat registrations. This will raise badly-needed funds for Courtesy Boat Inspections and invasive plant control efforts throughout Maine that protect our waters from the devastating effects of invasive aquatic plants.

Because of the growing risk of invasives, the $10 sticker price enacted in 2001 is no longer adequate to support these programs. The future of this vital work is uncertain if this bill fails to pass.

Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed testified in support of this bill to the IFW Committee on February 27th, 2019—but the bill still needs your support to be passed!

Please contact your legislators to ask their support of LD 235 to protect our lakes and ponds from invasive aquatic species.

To read the full text of the bill click here

What you can do: 


(1) Spread the word about this bill by forwarding this message along to your friends, family, and members of your lake association.


(2) Write or call your legislator. Contact information is below. 


It is especially important for members of the IFW Committee to hear from their constituents. For a list of IFW committee members, click here.


Everything you need to help support these bills can be found on the Maine Lakes Society website.


Who to contact:


Sen. Russell Black (District 17—Mount Vernon, Fayette) 

(207) 654-2990;


Sen. Jeffrey Timberlake (District 22—Litchfield, Wayne)

(207) 754-6000;


Sen. Shenna Bellows (District 14—Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, Manchester, Monmouth, Readfield, West Gardiner, Winthrop)

(207) 776-5404;


Rep. Dennis Keschl (District 76—Fayette, Mt. Vernon, Wayne)

(207) 441-3701;


Rep. Kent Ackley (District 82—Litchfield, Wales, Monmouth)

(207) 512-2524;


Rep. Thom Harnett (District 83—Farmingdale, Gardiner)

(207) 522-1254;


Rep. Craig Hickman (District 81–Monmouth, Readfield, Winthrop)

(207) 377-3276;


Rep. Charlotte Warren (Dis. 84–Hallowell, Manchester, West Gardiner)

(207) 441-9116;


Rep. Seth Berry (District 55–Richmond)

(207) 522-1609;

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